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Games that I made


I made e7 in a long summer when I was 17. For me it's like going back in a time capsule whenever I play it. It represents exactly how I felt as a teenager.

The game was played a few million times and got nominated for an IGF award. But that's not what mattered in the end. What mattered is that I made something that some people love.

Occasionally I still get messages from people about how the game was a large part of their childhood or helped them through a tough period of their life. And that is the best feeling in the world.


A simple game I made that was somehow played more than 10 million times.

Pwong is still the best name that I ever came up with. It's also super searchable, so that I can easily find people getting annoyed at the game.


An underwater strategy shooter inspired by Flow and Bubble Tanks.

You may need to right click on the game screen and then select "Play" for the game to run.


I also made at least ten other small games. Some are really bad. But hey, that's how you learn. They're probably still available somewhere alongside a pile of dead technology.

Because Flash is end-of-life you can't play the games in your browser anymore. But you can download e7, Pwong and Deep from here and run them by using the Flash Player Projector Content Debugger that you can download from here.